Reading Time: 7 minutesThe Country Club on New Canaan in Connecticut is a renowned golf destination that boasts a long-standing legacy since its establishment in 1893. With its meticulously crafted 18-hole championship golf course, state-of-the-art facilities, and a sophisticated clubhouse, it offers an unparalleled experience for golf enthusiasts. Additionally, the club hosts a range of social events, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community. Membership at this prestigious club grants access to exceptional amenities and the opportunity to connect with a close-knit group of avid golfers.

Country Club on New Canaan

95 Country Club Rd

New Canaan, CT 6840 USA

(203) 966-3000

Geographic Coordinates: 41.169914, -73.498947
Temperature Range: -30.0°C to 40.0°C (-22°F to 104°F)
Climate: The climate and weather patterns in New Canaan, CT USA vary throughout the year.

The Country Club on New Canaan, Nestled in the picturesque town of New Canaan, Connecticut, Is a haven for golf enthusiasts seeking an exceptional experience. With its rich history dating back to 1893, This prestigious club has established itself as one of the premier golf destinations in the region. The centerpiece of the Country Club on New Canaan is its meticulously designed and meticulously maintained 18-hole championship golf course. Created by renowned architect Walter J. Travis and later enhanced by esteemed designer Rees Jones, This par-72 course offers a challenging yet enjoyable round for players of all skill levels.

The undulating fairways wind through lush rolling hills and mature trees, Providing stunning views at every turn. Immaculately manicured greens require precision and strategic shot-making to conquer. Beyond its exceptional golf course, The Country Club on New Canaan boasts top-notch facilities that cater to every aspect of a golfer’s needs. The expansive practice range allows players to warm up before their round or fine-tune their swing under the guidance of expert instructors from the club’s renowned golf academy. For those seeking additional amenities, There are well-appointed locker rooms with luxurious showers and changing areas.

After an exhilarating day on the links, Members can relax and unwind at the elegant clubhouse overlooking panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The clubhouse exudes timeless charm with its classic architecture and inviting interior spaces adorned with tasteful decor. Whether enjoying a post-round drink at one of several bars or indulging in delectable cuisine at one of multiple dining venues offering both casual fare and gourmet options prepared by world-class chefs – members are treated to an unparalleled culinary experience.

In addition to its outstanding golfing facilities and dining options, The Country Club on New Canaan offers various social events throughout the year that foster camaraderie among members and their families. From holiday celebrations to themed parties or charity tournaments – there is always something exciting happening within the club’s vibrant community. Membership at The Country Club on New Canaan is highly sought after and provides access to a world-class golfing experience, Exceptional amenities, And a tight-knit community of passionate golfers.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting your golfing journey, This exclusive club offers an idyllic retreat where you can immerse yourself in the sport you love while enjoying the beauty of Connecticut’s countryside.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts and Other Tidbits

  1. History: The Country Club of New Canaan was established in 1893 and is one of the oldest country clubs in the United States.
  2. Golf Course: The club features an 18-hole golf course designed by renowned golf course architect A.W. Tillinghast. It is known for its challenging layout and scenic beauty.
  3. Notable Matches: Over the years, the Country Club of New Canaan has hosted numerous prestigious golf tournaments and matches. One notable event was the 1947 Metropolitan Open Championship won by professional golfer Ben Hogan.
  4. Tennis Facilities: In addition to golf, the club offers excellent tennis facilities with both indoor and outdoor courts.
  5. Social Events: The Country Club of New Canaan hosts a variety of social events throughout the year, including formal dinners, holiday celebrations, charity fundraisers, and family-oriented activities.
  6. Junior Programs: The club places great emphasis on junior development programs for both golf and tennis, encouraging young athletes to learn and excel in these sports.
  7. Membership Information: Membership at the Country Club of New Canaan requires an application process which includes sponsorship by existing members.
  8. Renovations: In recent years, there have been renovations to improve various aspects of the club’s facilities including enhancements to their dining areas as well as updates to their practice range facility.

These are just a few highlights about the Country Club of New Canaan; there may be additional yearly events or historical details specific to individual years that can be found through further research or by contacting the club directly.

Important Landmarks

  1. Philip Johnson Glass House: This iconic modernist architectural masterpiece was designed by architect Philip Johnson in 1949 and is now a National Trust Historic Site.
  2. New Canaan Library: Designed by renowned architect Philip Johnson in 1979, this library is an architectural gem and a symbol of the town’s commitment to arts and culture.
  3. Grace Farms: Known for its distinctive River building designed by SANAA architects, Grace Farms is a unique cultural center set on 80 acres of preserved land. It offers various programs focused on art, nature, justice, community development, and faith.
  4. Silvermine Arts Center: Founded in 1922 as an artist colony, Silvermine Arts Center has become a hub for contemporary art exhibitions and education programs.
  5. Waveny Park: This expansive park features beautiful landscapes with walking trails, sports fields, picnic areas, gardens, and the historic Waveny Mansion—a Tudor-style country estate built in 1912 that now serves as a community center.
  6. Mead Park Brick Barn & Water Tower: These structures are part of Mead Memorial Park—a popular recreational area—and stand as historic reminders of New Canaan’s past.
  7. Karl Lang Monument (Soldiers’ Monument): Located at God’s Acre Cemetery on Elm Street since 1868, this monument commemorates New Canaan residents who died while serving their country during various wars.
  8. The Roger Sherman Inn: Built-in 1740 as a private residence and later converted into an inn, the Roger Sherman Inn has served as a charming landmark within the town for centuries.

These are just some examples of famous statues, landmarks, and buildings in New Canaan. The town also boasts numerous other architecturally significant homes designed by renowned architects such as Marcel Breuer, John Black Lee, and Eliot Noyes, which contribute to its unique character.

Sports Teams

  1. New Canaan High School Football: The New Canaan Rams football team has a long-standing tradition of excellence. They have won numerous state championships and have produced several NFL players, including Hall of Famer Steve Young.
  2. New Canaan High School Girls’ Lacrosse: The girls’ lacrosse team at New Canaan High School is highly regarded and has won multiple state championships over the years.
  3. New Canaan Baseball: The town has a strong baseball culture, with competitive little league teams that often perform well in district and state tournaments.
  4. Ice Hockey: Both the boys’ and girls’ ice hockey teams at New Canaan High School have been successful over the years, winning several conference titles and competing in state tournaments.
  5. Soccer: Soccer is popular in New Canaan, with both youth leagues and high school teams competing at a high level.
  6. Field Hockey: The field hockey program at New Canaan High School has had significant success throughout its history, including multiple appearances in state championship games.
  7. Tennis: Tennis is another popular sport in the community, with strong participation levels among both adults and children.

These are just a few examples of the many sports teams that exist within the community of New Canaan, CT USA.

Museums and Things To See

  1. New Canaan Historical Society: This museum showcases the history and culture of New Canaan through exhibits, artifacts, and educational programs.
  2. Silvermine Arts Center: This vibrant arts center features rotating exhibitions of contemporary art, as well as art classes and workshops for all ages.
  3. Glass House: A must-visit architectural masterpiece designed by renowned architect Philip Johnson. It offers guided tours to explore the unique structure and its stunning surroundings.
  4. The Carriage Barn Arts Center: Located in Waveny Park, this gallery hosts various art exhibitions throughout the year, showcasing works by local and regional artists.
  5. Waveny Park Theater: This outdoor theater in Waveny Park holds performances during summer months, featuring plays, concerts, and other live events.
  6. Music on the Hill: An organization that hosts a variety of musical performances including chamber music concerts, choral performances, and community sing-alongs at various venues in New Canaan.
  7. Sorelle Gallery Fine Art: This contemporary art gallery exhibits works from established and emerging artists across different mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, and more.
  8. The Powerhouse Theater Collaborative (PTC): PTC is a non-profit theater company that produces innovative plays exploring social issues through thought-provoking productions held at various venues in New Canaan.
  9. Karl Chevrolet Presents Elm Street Stage Summer Concert Series: Held in downtown New Canaan during summer months; this concert series features live music ranging from jazz to rock to classical genres.
  10. The Roger Sherman Inn’s Jazz Room Series: Enjoy live jazz performances at The Roger Sherman Inn’s intimate Jazz Room featuring talented musicians from around the region.


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