Reading Time: 6 minutesLas Posas Country Club in Camarillo, California is a premier golf club known for its highly regarded 18-hole championship course. With breathtaking views of the Santa Monica Mountains and lush greenery, the club offers a picturesque setting for golfers. The course presents various challenges, ensuring an exciting experience for players of all skill levels. Apart from golf, Las Posas Country Club boasts excellent practice facilities and a clubhouse with panoramic views. The club also hosts a range of social events throughout the year, making it a sought-after destination for golf enthusiasts seeking an exceptional experience in Southern California.

Las Posas Country Club

955 Fairway Dr

Camarillo, CA 93010 USA

(805) 388-2901

Geographic Coordinates: 34.250583, -119.071584
Temperature Range: -10.0°C to 45.0°C (14°F to 113°F)
Climate: Climate and weather patterns in Camarillo, CA USA vary throughout the year.

Las Posas Country Club, Located in Camarillo, California, Is a beautiful and highly regarded golf club that offers a memorable experience. It is situated on 300 acres of meticulously maintained grounds and features an 18-hole championship golf course designed by Lawrence Hughes. The layout of the course caters to players of all skill levels, With undulating fairways lined with mature trees and vibrant floral displays. The picturesque views of the nearby Santa Monica Mountains and lush greenery create a serene atmosphere for golfers. Playing at Las Posas feels like stepping into an idyllic oasis.

The course presents various challenges, Including strategically placed bunkers and water hazards on multiple holes. The signature hole at Las Posas Country Club is the par-3 17th hole known as The Island, Where players must hit their tee shot over water onto a small island green. Aside from its exceptional golfing facilities, Las Posas offers additional amenities to enhance members’ experiences both on and off the course. The clubhouse features Spanish colonial architecture and provides panoramic views from its expansive verandas. Members can enjoy fine dining options or relax in one of several lounges while taking in the breathtaking vistas.

For those looking to improve their skills, Las Posas provides excellent practice facilities including driving ranges with natural grass tees and covered hitting bays for year-round use. There are also putting greens available for members to refine their short game techniques before playing on the main course. Membership at Las Posas Country Club is highly sought after due to its world-class facilities and variety of social events throughout the year. From holiday celebrations to themed parties, Live entertainment, And gourmet dining experiences, There is always something exciting happening at the club.

Overall, Las Posas Country Club stands as a premier destination for golf enthusiasts seeking an exceptional experience in Camarillo, California. Its meticulously designed course, Stunning natural surroundings, Top-notch amenities make it a haven for avid golfers and those looking for an exclusive retreat in Southern California.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts and Other Tidbits

  1. History: Las Posas Country Club was established in 1958 by renowned architect Lawrence Hughes. The club’s name Las Posas translates to The Wells in Spanish.
  2. Golf Course Design: The golf course at Las Posas Country Club was designed by Lawrence Hughes himself and is known for its challenging layout, beautiful scenery, and well-manicured fairways and greens.
  3. Historic Matches: Over the years, Las Posas Country Club has hosted various professional tournaments and historic matches. Notably, the club hosted the PGA Tour qualifying school from 1969 to 1984.
  4. Notable Members: Las Posas has been home to several notable members throughout its history, including actors like Ronald Reagan (before his presidency) and Clark Gable.
  5. Annual Events: The country club hosts various annual events that attract both members and guests alike. These include golf tournaments, social gatherings, charity events, holiday celebrations, and more.
  6. Renovations: In recent years, Las Posas underwent significant renovations to enhance its facilities further. This included improvements to the clubhouse amenities such as dining areas, locker rooms, fitness centers, and tennis courts renovation or addition of new facilities.
  7. Social Activities: Apart from golfing opportunities at one of Southern California’s premier courses with panoramic views of the Santa Monica Mountains range; members can enjoy numerous other amenities at Las Posas Country Club including swimming pools (with swim team), tennis courts (both hard court & clay), fitness center(s), spa services, etc., making it a vibrant social hub within Camarillo community.

These are just a few notable aspects of Las Posas Country Club’s history; there may be additional events or facts specific to certain years or individuals associated with the club.

Important Landmarks

  1. Camarillo Ranch House: This historic Victorian mansion was built in 1892 by Adolfo Camarillo, one of the prominent figures in the region’s history. It now serves as a museum showcasing the city’s agricultural heritage.
  2. WWII Aviation Museum: Located at the Camarillo Airport, this museum houses a collection of World War II aircraft and artifacts. It is dedicated to preserving aviation history and educating visitors about wartime aviation.
  3. The Pleasant Valley Historical Society Museum: Situated inside a former elementary school building, this museum displays exhibits related to local history and culture. It offers insights into life in early Camarillo through photographs, artifacts, documents, and more.
  4. Conejo Valley Botanic Garden: While technically located just outside of Camarillo in nearby Thousand Oaks, this serene garden deserves mention due to its popularity among residents and visitors alike. Spanning over 33 acres with various themed gardens featuring native plants from around the world.
  5. Las Posas Plaza: This outdoor shopping center features unique Spanish-style architecture with beautiful fountains and courtyards that create an inviting atmosphere for shopping or dining experiences.

It’s worth noting that while these attractions may not be as famous on a global scale compared to those found in larger cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco; they hold significance within the community of Camarillo itself.

Sports Teams

  1. Camarillo Cosmos Soccer Club: Founded in 1972, the Camarillo Cosmos is a youth soccer club that offers competitive soccer programs for boys and girls of all ages.
  2. Camarillo Eagles Baseball Club: The Camarillo Eagles is a baseball organization that provides opportunities for youth players to develop their skills and compete at various levels.
  3. Adolfo Camarillo High School Sports Teams: Adolfo Camarillo High School (ACHS) has a range of sports teams competing at the high school level. Some notable ones include football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, swimming/diving.
  4. Pleasant Valley Recreation & Park District (PVRPD): PVRPD offers various recreational sports programs for both youth and adults in the community including basketball leagues, flag football leagues, softball leagues etc.
  5. Freedom Park BMX Track: Freedom Park features an outdoor BMX track where enthusiasts can participate in BMX racing events or practice their skills on the track.

These are just a few examples of sports teams and organizations with histories in Camarillo. It’s important to note that this list may not be exhaustive as there might be other smaller or lesser-known local sports teams operating within the city as well.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Camarillo Ranch House: A historic museum showcasing the Victorian-era ranch house and grounds, offering tours and special events.
  2. Studio Channel Islands Art Center: A contemporary art center featuring multiple galleries, artist studios, workshops, and exhibitions.
  3. Camarillo Community Theater: Presents a variety of live performances including plays, musicals, and other theatrical productions.
  4. Pleasant Valley Historical Society Museum & Botanical Garden: Showcasing local history through exhibits and artifacts in a charming garden setting.
  5. The Murphy Auto Museum: Exhibits a collection of classic cars, vintage motorcycles, and automotive memorabilia.
  6. California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) Performing Arts Center: Hosts various performing arts events including theater productions, music concerts, dance performances, and more.
  7. Camarillo Public Library – Adolfo Camarillo Branch: Offers rotating art displays throughout the year in addition to its extensive book collection.
  8. Conejo Valley Art Museum (located nearby in Thousand Oaks): Features rotating exhibitions of contemporary art from local artists as well as educational programs for all ages.

Note that some venues may have specific opening hours or limited schedules due to COVID-19 restrictions or other factors; it is advisable to check their websites or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information before planning your visit.


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