Reading Time: 6 minutesLocated in California, Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club is a renowned destination for golf enthusiasts. With its challenging 18-hole golf course, visitors can enjoy stunning views of vineyards and hills while testing their skills. Established in 1916, the club boasts a rich history and offers top-notch amenities, including an elegant clubhouse, fine dining options, practice facilities, and a variety of social events. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or simply looking for a memorable experience, Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club is a must-visit destination.

Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club

333 Country Club Dr.

Santa Rosa, CA 95401 USA

(707) 546-3485

Geographic Coordinates: 38.434709, -122.801619
Temperature Range: -10.0°C to 40.0°C (14°F to 104°F)
Climate: Seasons: Santa Rosa, CA experiences a Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers.

Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club, Located in Santa Rosa, California, Is a premier destination for golf enthusiasts. It offers a challenging and picturesque 18-hole championship golf course designed by renowned architect Jack Fleming and updated by Bob Baldock. The course spans over 6, 700 yards with tree-lined fairways and strategically placed bunkers. The club is situated in the heart of Sonoma County’s wine country, Providing a scenic backdrop of rolling hills and lush vineyards. Established in 1916, It holds a rich history and has become one of the most respected golf facilities in the region.

Aside from its exceptional course design, Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club boasts top-notch amenities to cater to members’ needs. The clubhouse serves as an elegant retreat after a round of golf or for hosting special events. It features upscale dining options with delectable cuisine paired with an extensive selection of wines from local wineries. Members also have access to excellent practice facilities including a well-maintained driving range and putting greens that replicate on-course conditions. These facilities allow members to refine their skills or engage in friendly competitions.

Moreover, Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club fosters a strong sense of community by hosting various social events and tournaments throughout the year. Members can connect with each other through weekly leagues, Wine tastings, Or group outings to nearby wineries. Overall, Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club offers an unforgettable experience for avid golfers seeking both challenge and relaxation amidst the beauty of Santa Rosa’s wine country.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts and Other Tidbits

  1. History: The Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club was established in 1916, making it one of the oldest golf clubs in Northern California.
  2. Architect: The original course design was created by renowned golf course architect Alister MacKenzie, who is famous for designing Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Masters Tournament.
  3. Renovations: Over the years, the course has undergone several renovations to enhance its layout and improve playing conditions.
  4. Historic Matches: In 1929, Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club hosted an exhibition match between two legendary golfers – Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen. This event attracted thousands of spectators.
  5. PGA Tour Events: The club has hosted multiple PGA Tour events over the years, including the Lucky International Open from 1961 to 1968.
  6. Wine Industry Connection: Given its location in Sonoma County, which is known for its vineyards and wineries, Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club has strong ties to the wine industry.
  7. Member-Owned: The club is member-owned and operated, providing a close-knit community atmosphere for its members.
  8. Amenities: In addition to an 18-hole championship golf course designed by MacKenzie, Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club offers various amenities such as tennis courts, swimming pool facilities, dining options, and event spaces.

These are just some notable facts about Santa Rosa Golf & Country Club; there may be more specific historical matches or events that have occurred at this esteemed venue over time.

Important Landmarks

  1. Luther Burbank Home and Gardens: The former home of renowned horticulturist Luther Burbank, featuring beautiful gardens and a museum.
  2. Charles M. Schulz Museum: A museum dedicated to the life and work of Charles M. Schulz, the creator of Peanuts comic strip.
  3. Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery: A historic cemetery dating back to 1854 with notable gravesites including those of Luther Burbank and many other local pioneers.
  4. Old Courthouse Square: The heart of downtown Santa Rosa featuring a beautiful square surrounded by shops, restaurants, and historic buildings.
  5. Sonoma County Museum: Showcasing art exhibitions and historical displays that highlight the heritage of Sonoma County.
  6. Empire Building: An iconic building in downtown Santa Rosa known for its distinctive architecture with an elaborate clock tower.
  7. Church of One Tree: A unique church made entirely from a single redwood tree trunk that was felled during a storm in 1873.
  8. Pacific Coast Air Museum: A museum dedicated to preserving aircraft history with various exhibits showcasing vintage planes from different eras.
  9. Paradise Ridge Winery Sculpture Garden: An outdoor sculpture garden showcasing contemporary artworks amidst the vineyards at Paradise Ridge Winery.
  10. Howarth Park Carousel House: Home to a historic carousel built-in 1905 which offers rides for visitors within Howarth Park.

These are just some examples among many notable landmarks in Santa Rosa that contribute to the city’s cultural significance and charm.

Sports Teams

  1. Santa Rosa Junior College Bear Cubs: The Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) Bear Cubs have a rich athletic history. The college offers various sports teams, including basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, and more. SRJC has numerous championships and has produced several professional athletes.
  2. Santa Rosa High School Panthers: The Santa Rosa High School Panthers have a long-standing tradition in the city. They participate in various sports such as football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, track and field, and more. The school has had success in multiple sports over the years.
  3. Montgomery High School Vikings: Montgomery High School is another prominent high school in Santa Rosa with a strong athletic program. Their teams compete in several sports like football, basketball, baseball/softball, soccer, swimming/diving, tennis, golf, cross country, track & field, water polo, and wrestling.
  4. Piner High School Prospectors: Piner High School is known for its successful athletics program as well. They offer a range of sports including football, volleyball, cross country, water polo, basketball, wrestling, soccer, golf, tennis, swimming/diving, baseball/softball, and track & field.
  5. Empire Rugby Football Club: Established in 1978, Empire Rugby Football Club is one of the oldest rugby clubs in Northern California based out of Santa Rosa. They have had competitive men’s and women’s teams throughout their history.
  6. Santa Rosa Scorpions FC: Founded in 2005 as part of the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), the Scorpions FC represent Santa Rosa on a national level with their men’s semi-professional soccer team.
  7. Santa Rose United Soccer Club (SRU): SRU is one of the largest youth soccer organizations in Northern California serving players from recreational to competitive levels since 1973.

These are just a few examples of sports teams and their histories within Santa Rosa, but there are many other local clubs and organizations that have made an impact in various sports throughout the city’s history.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Charles M. Schulz Museum: Dedicated to the work of renowned cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, creator of Peanuts comic strip.
  2. Luther Burbank Center for the Arts: A performance venue hosting a variety of events including concerts, plays, and dance performances.
  3. Sonoma County Museum: Showcasing local history and art exhibitions related to Sonoma County.
  4. The Imaginists Theatre Collective: A community-based theater group known for their innovative productions and interactive performances.
  5. Art Trails Gallery at Corrick’s: Featuring artworks by local artists in various mediums including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and jewelry.
  6. 6th Street Playhouse: A regional theater presenting a diverse range of theatrical productions throughout the year.
  7. Chroma Gallery: An artist-run gallery showcasing contemporary artworks from local artists in different genres.
  8. Paradise Ridge Winery Sculpture Garden & Vineyards: Combining wine tasting with outdoor sculpture exhibits set amidst picturesque vineyards.


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